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Welcome to the "Always Be A Lady Conference" website, where inspiration, empowerment, and upliftment converge! This annual event, held every last weekend in September, is a beacon of hope and motivation for individuals from all walks of life. At the heart of this conference is the belief that everyone has the potential to achieve their goals and dreams, no matter the obstacles they may face. 

Our Host, Lady P, is a passionate advocate for personal growth and resilience. She firmly believes in the power of determination and persistence. Lady P's journey is a testament to the fact that with the right mindset and support, one can overcome any challenge and reach their full potential. She is dedicated to sharing her experiences and insights to inspire others on their own journeys. 

The "Always Be A Lady Conference" is not just about speeches and workshops; it's a celebration of the human spirit. Throughout the weekend, attendees have the opportunity to engage with renowned speakers, thought leaders, and mentors who have overcome adversity and achieved remarkable success. These inspirational stories serve as a source of strength and motivation for all who attend. 

One of the hallmarks of this conference is its commitment to giving back. Lady P and her team are proud to announce that a portion of the conference proceeds is donated to a worthy non-profit organization each year. This is their way of paying it forward and supporting causes that make a positive impact on our communities. 

Join us at the "Always Be A Lady Conference" to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. Be part of a community that believes in the boundless potential within each of us. Together, we can inspire, uplift, and empower individuals to keep pushing forward and turn their dreams into reality. 

Mark your calendars for the last weekend in September, and get ready to be inspired at the "Always Be A Lady Conference." Together, we can achieve greatness!

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Register Now for the "Always Be A Lady Conference 2024"

$75 per person

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